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Online images are not always free. What to do?!

  That image you’re downloading from an Internet search is most likely copyrighted. Search engines collect images from various sources, and you could pick a copyrighted photo and potentially cause yourself some legal troubles. Make it easy. Use free or low-cost images from reliable sources. Entrepreneur pulled together a list of useful image sites. The article—14 Amazingly Free […]

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When your brain and bum disagree

Many of us sit for a living. We’re pounding on keyboards, crunching numbers in Excel or weaving together sentences in Word. Our brains demand attention to projects. Our bums yell for a break. We push forward. Our bodies slowly melt into our chairs. Two. Three. Four hours. Click. Click. First, let’s be blunt. The data […]

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“Collaborative overload” nuking your productivity?

The phone interrupts. The tasks bear down. Meetings fill your calendar. Plus, everyone has secretly decided that it is send-an-email day, but they forgot to tell you. Your day is melting away—along with your brain—and you haven’t even started your main tasks. You’re not hallucinating if you think that workplace collaboration and related communication has […]

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