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Online images are not always free. What to do?!

Online images are not always free. What to do?!


That image you’re downloading from an Internet search is most likely copyrighted. Search engines collect images from various sources, and you could pick a copyrighted photo and potentially cause yourself some legal troubles.

Make it easy. Use free or low-cost images from reliable sources.
Entrepreneur pulled together a list of useful image sites. The article—14 Amazingly Free Stock Photo Websites—describes each option and specifies if image attribution is required (aka, listing the photographer’s name, etc.).

I’ve been searching the sites and using a few. Some are easier to navigate than others. On, I noticed a recurring ad (with the giant arrow at the bottom of each page) could easily be mistaken as the next-page button, but it really takes you to another location. On, you’ll find fun, funky pictures. Plus, the website is easy to use.

Overall, they are great resources. Just follow the rules (like adding/attributing the photographer’s name when required), and you’re good to go.

Looking for a larger collection of images? Try the low-cost website Dollar Photo Club with lots of searchable, royalty-free images. (I use it and like it!)

Good luck—and happy picture hunting!

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